Eliminate Foot Odour and Dry Sweaty Feet!

Carey Ramstead

Don't let the name scare you away! Froosh's Minty Martini Foot Spray works on our toughest customers: Men! It's anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties are the best for killing germs and odour! Just spray it on your feet to eliminate foot odour and to dry sweaty feet! Plus it's got Peppermint Oil to cool and soothe overworked and overtired feet! 

"Summer's soaring temperatures make you sweat more everywhere, including your feet. But this extra perspiration may be turning your feet into a stink bomb. 

The bacteria that live on your skin and in your shoes eats your sweat, producing an acid byproduct that reeks, according to a Japanese study. It's a natural process, but luckily you can reduce the bacteria by creating a drier habitat for your feet."

Read more about what one of the leading men's health magazines had to say about it HERE!

You can pick some up at our online store or find our booth at the upcoming Christmas One-of-a-Kind Show!


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