Got a Minute? Give yourself a Manicure!

Carey Ramstead

Save yourself the awkward small talk at the salon with our at home solution! Try Froosh's High Five Manicure Scrub and pamper yourself without having to leave the house! We use Apricot Kernel Oil, which is the lightest of the carrier oils, so it absorbs quickly and doesn't leave a slippery residue. It makes a great gift for teachers or nurses or anyone who needs to wash their hands often! High Five Manicure Scrub comes in a 250ml tub, so it goes a long way, as you just need a scoop! If you want an even more spa like experience try Froosh's High Five Manicure Set! In that you'll get a High Five Manicure Scrub, High Five Hand Repair, and High Five Cuticle Oil! It makes a great gift too!

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